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ADuM3190/4190 Specs , Figure 25, 26

Question asked by moto on Dec 8, 2013
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I would like to make sure spec of ADuM4190.


1. Regarding about Figure 26

  CH2 is EAout  50mV/div

  CH3 is EAout2 20mV/div

  These are same division level signals.

  These scale were mixed up?

It is 50mV/uSec slew rate? or 125mV/uSec?



2. Regarding about Internal update timing.

  Figure 25 and 26 say internal DCDC will update about 2.5uSec each.

  It means 400KHz BW ?


  Datasheet say, over 3uS no signal then high impedance, but I couldn’t find normal update frequency of the internal DCDC.

  What Frequency of internal clock?


  Can control that timing to noise management?