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AD9958 programming over SPI

Question asked by jonasz on Dec 6, 2013
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I have an AD9958 evaluation board set up and running via the USB to Windows XP Software and everything works fine.

But I need to programm the AD9958 over the SPI interface and I figured that the first check would be to write one frequency to channel 0 and watch the output of that channel on the oscilloscope. This means I am trying to write a 4 bytes number (frequency) to the 0x04 register (S.37 of Data Sheet ).

This isn't working, that is, I don't see any output of the AD9958 on the oscilloscope.

My instrucation byte is: 00000100

My value for the register is: 00000010 10001111 01011100 00101000   (white spaces for easier reading)


Is this the right bit sequence?