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Please help, every time I read zero value

Question asked by sami3 on Dec 6, 2013
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I am student, currently we are using ADE7880 IC together with Raspberry pi for energy and RMS value measurement. However am facing a problem which I couldn't solve nor understand.


Am trying to read the values form AWATTHR, AFWATTHR, APF, AVRMS & AIRMS. but am reading zero value all the time.


                  For the test, I have connected the CT output to IAP & IAN terminal just as shown in (Figure 3. Example of a Current Transformer Connection) from this document


The neutral input and all other ground are connected to the Rpi ground. And as I varied the current, i checked the IAP & IAN Pin via oscilloscope the result is ok (but the signal is noisy ,I don’t know if this creates a problem).


The SPI connection is working properly and whenever I write to the configuration registers I rechecked the values in LAST_OP,LAST_ADD and LAST_RWDATA registers and no error. My configuration procedure is taken from the datasheet ADE7880 QUICK SETUP AS ENERGY METER section page 80, but I skip point 2,3 and 4.


Similarly the voltage input is connected according to the above user guide, but the situation is the same.


Please help me on this problem.