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Problems with AD5412 (no output)

Question asked by ENRAD on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by ENRAD

Having a problem with AD5412.

Regardless what I send to it, I get no output what so ever.

I can read back all registers and verifying that I can communicate with it.


Initially I have had a broken connection between pin 1 and ground, (its a breadboard setup), is the chip so sensitive on the analogue section, that this might have broken it?


Digital supply is 3,3V analog is +18V.

Vref reads out to 5V

If I write 0x1001 (output ON, + 0-10V, No slewrate) to the control register, I can verify that I read the same back, Same applies to the data register, as well as the status register which reads 0x00