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BF506F EZ-KIT SD card and PWM1

Question asked by Yake on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by Kritika


    I am trying to use PWM1_SYNC (port PG4) of BF506F to synchronize external device while using the SD card to record data at the same time. However, because PG4 is tied to SD_WP of SD connector, when SD card is inserted into the connector, PG4 is grounded, which means I cannot use PWM1_SYNC signal any more. My question is, if I design my own board in the future, can I tie SD_WP to other PORT that I do not use while still use the SD example in Power_On_Self_Test program?

    I am not sure about this question because when I read the SD card example in Power_On_Self_Test program, I do not see any read or write operation on PG4 port, which is a necessary port when operate SD card. Does this mean the operation for PG4 port when use SD card is written in underlying drive program? Do I need to change the SD example program much if I tie SD_WP to other PORT? I still want to use the SD example program because it is more convenient.