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AD9520 Mode0 problem with configuration

Question asked by PrakashBJ on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by Kyle.Slightom


I am using AD9520 IC. I need to distribute 24Mhz on 8 channels. So i have connected 24Mhz to Refin and RefinB.

I am trying to use it in Mode 0 . I am writing the register as per the table 22 in the datasheet. But not able to see any output.

The register values what i am writing is as below:



          fnClkGenRegWriteSpi(0x0011,0x09);                    // Divider LSB = 9


          fnClkGenRegWriteSpi(0x0012,0);                              //Divider MSB = 0


          fnClkGenRegWriteSpi(0x0013,0);                              //A Counter = 0


          fnClkGenRegWriteSpi(0x0014,0x03);                    //B Counter = 3








































Please let me know if any of these values are wrong.



Prakash BJ