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I can't access C variables from another processor's Assembly code

Question asked by p.p.santos on Dec 4, 2013
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I'm working on a project with TS201S EZ-Kit which uses both processors, DSP_A and DSP_B.


I put a C code on DSP_B and an Assembly code on DSP_A and I wish the Assembly code could access a variable declared on the C code of the other processor.


I don't know why, but altough I use the .EXTERN declaration on the variable it creates two different variables with the same name, one for the C code and the other for the assembly code. Attached is my .ldf file.


Could you take a look at it and tell me if there is something wrong with it?


$OBJECTS_DSPA consists of the objects which are supposed to be on DSP_A memory or at SDRAM memory.

$OBJECTS_DSPB consists of the objects which are supposed to be on DSP_B memory or at SDRAM memory.

The variable which I want to share is at var_globais.doj.

GPS_02A.doj was made of the Assembly code; GPS_02B.doj was made of the C code; all the other object files were made of C code.




Pedro Paulo.