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How to use Inter Core Communication on bf609?

Question asked by Zen0110 on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2013 by Alice

Hi, everyone,


I am trying to use BF609 Inter core communication. The BF609 cpu core A run uClinux, and I want to run software audio  echo cancel module on BF609 cpu core B. I find some info about ICC( is  example code about how to use ICC but the web link is not work now.





Linux APP

simple packet sample packet.c at:

DSP Side Bare Metal Application

dsp side sample task1.c at:



I confire kernerl with icc support and make it ,It's ok. when I configure ICC in buildroot like below and make it .there is error info about can not find the icc-10740.tar.gz. I also can not find the icc-10740.tar.gz by google.

Configure ICC in buildroot:

Package Selection for the target  --->

     Miscellaneous  --->

          [*] bfin inter-core communication support ICC

           cpu type (BF609)  --->

1. how to find the packet.c  and task1.c file or other example code  about how to use the iCC ?

     2. How to find the icc-10740.tar.gz or finish build icc utils and test suites?