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CN0234: Single Supply, Micropower Toxic Gas Detector Using an Electrochemical Sensor

Question asked by nilrak on Dec 3, 2013
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I have a few questions. Please allow me to preface them with the following. Although I am a degreed engineer, my degree is not in electrical and I am not practicing.  So while I can communicate on a different level than the average joe, I don't necessarily have the expertise to answer my question by simply looking at the circuit diagrams. I have an idea for a product that involves CO detection.  My question is as follows; with the use of the adapter board and or ADA can one power either a digital or mechanical rely to control another circuit on a NO or NC  basis?  If so, what kind of amperage are we talking about.  I realize that if I use a mechanical relay then that gives me more options.  I appreciate your help.


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