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Connectivity of differential inputs channels  to ADuC7061?

Question asked by Prasad@5 on Dec 3, 2013
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         This is  Prasad , Presently we are developing a prototype for battery health monitoring system of a battery bank. The battery bank consists of 32 batteries and the batteries of the battery bank is connected in  series as shown in the figure(Battery Bank).So that  i selected ADuC7061 micro controller to monitoring the battery voltage  of the batteries. Here i am using one ADuC7061 micro controller to monitor four battery voltages. The chemistry of batteries are lead acid.


Maximum battery voltage of each battery is 18V. Here i am using internal reference for ADC i.e 1.2V. So that every battery voltage is step down to maximum 1.2V by using signalling condition  circuit as shown in figure (Signal Condition) . When i am connecting the outputs are signalling condition to ADuC7061 micro controller. But when i connected in this way the readings of ADC are incorrect .So please suggest how to connect the signal condtion to ADuC7061 or suggest any alternative connectivity to monitor battery voltages by using ADuC7061.



Note:-I saw the ADI Li-Ion battery monitoring system IC but the customer requirement is don't use battery source for monitoring system.  



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