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AD9520-0 Communication problem.

Question asked by PrakashBJ on Dec 3, 2013
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I am using AD9520-0 clkgen, I am trying to communicate it using SPI.

I have made the following configuration:

  1. I have kept SP0 and SP1 of AD9520 high.
  2. I have kept the pins REF_SEL,RESET,SYNC,PD high and EEPROM low.


I am not able to read any of the registers from it.

I am writing a value 0x8003 to read back the PART-ID.


Steps followed are as below;

  • Keep all the SPI lines pulled high.
  • Pull CS to low.
  • Write first byte(0x80)
  • Write address(0x04)
  • Write 0.(to read back )
  • Set CS high.


I have attached the schematics followed. I have connected 24MHz oscillator to REFIN and REFINB. But when i probe at those points i didnt see any frequency at all.

Please tell me if any other procedure need to be followed to initialize it.



Prakash B J