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ADV7391 data output

Question asked by daisu on Dec 2, 2013
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Hello all,


Input: 640*640 YCbCr progressive data from camera Output: CVBS output


Question 1
  Input is progressive data and output is CVBS.
  Is input mode which set at address0x01 SD input mode setting ?


Question 2
  Does ADV7391 support Hsync and Vsync synchronization in the case of ED input  (ED-SDR・ED-DDR・EDat54MHz) ?

Question 3
  Does ADV731 support CVBS output in the case of ED input (ED-SDR・ED-DDR・EDat54MHz) ?

Question 4
  Should I set address0x88 SD non-interlaced mode to enable setting in the case of input 640*640 progressive data ?