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ADAU1761 MidEQ and Level Detector Designer

Question asked by TimG on Jun 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2010 by BrettG

Hello all,


I've been playing with the ADAU1761 for a little while and am having quite a bit of success, but I've run into a couple of things that have stumped me.  I'm using the ADAU1761 eval board and the EVAL-ADUSB2Z usb to I2C board with SigmaStudio 3.1.  Right now I have a project that takes Audio in -> Medium Size EQ (grown to 15 elements) -> Tee with one branch to DAC output, other branch to Single Volume Control (set to 20 dB gain) -> Pass Through Level Detector Designer (grown to 14 elements).  With this setup everything works great in sigma studio.


Now I'm ready to move it a microcontroller for control, but I can't make sense of how to calculate the values to be programmed to the MidEQ when I want to change one band's gain.  I found the register locations in the *PARAM.h file, I can't find any documentation on how calculate the values to program if I want -5dB or 10dB on any given band.


The next thing I can't figure out:  While running the project in sigma studio, the display of the 14 element Level Detector updates beautifully with the audio.  However, I can't figure out what address is SigmaStudio reading that information back from.  I would like my microcontroller to pull that data to be used by my application.  I tried using the RTA level detector with 14 DSP readback blocks instead, but the blocks all read back as zero in SigmaStudio.


Anyone have any ideas?