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How to use the Wind Noise Suppressor module

Question asked by Jingchang on Dec 1, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by BrettG

  Now, I focus on the Wind Noise Suppressor module of SigmaStudio, however, there are few information can be found in the help. Could you give me help regarding the following questions?

  1、The LP filters bank is consisted of two filters, as shown in below, all of them are low pass filters,so what’s the relationship between them? Are they cascaded or paralleledHow to configure their frequency value


2The magnitude-frequency response of the wind noise suppressor module is hardly to obtained in the physical experiment,so the Stimulation stimuli and Stimulation Probe are employed to simulated the magnitude-frequency response, however they are not work. Why? Is there any way to obtain the magnitude-frequency response of wind noise suppressor?