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BF518F: Boot from external serial flash fails

Question asked by minnu on Nov 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by Andreas

My custom BF581F board has an external serial flash M25P16-VM3N3TPB.



Using flash programmer utility i am able to load the driver successfully.Manufacture and device ID is read successfully.



After that my test program (tested running program)is also loaded successfully,which is build with following load options.


  • Under "Boot Mode", choose "Flash/PROM" for parallel flash     or "SPI" for serial flash.
  •   "Boot Format" is set to "Intel hex".
  • "Output Width" is "8-bit" for serial flash.
  • "Use default start address"  selected.
  • "Verbose" cleared (unchecked).
  • "Initialization file" is "$(VDSP)\Blackfin\ldr\ezboardBF518F_initcode_ROM-V01.dxe"

My issue is board is not booting from external flash on reset or next power cycle.


Is it a hardware or software problem.

I like to give some ideas on existing hardware.



According to the datasheet of BF18, for external SPI boot, I  understand the flash

has to be connected to PG15 (PG15/SPI0SEL2/PPIFS3/AMS3 pin of BF18).

Page 15 of BF18 Datasheet.

In our case the flash is not connected to this pin but connected to a PTP reset.


So will it be a hardware issue or software issue?