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Buildroot: Unable to build uImage from live sources [Blackfin 527C]

Question asked by Soderstrom on Nov 29, 2013
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I'm having some trouble building the uImage from live sources.

After a couple of days work I have finally managed to build both the toolchain and bootloader.

Now it is time for the last (mayor) piece. Building the linux kernel.


I have the following setup


git clone git:// sources/buildroot sources/buildroot

git clone git:// sources/toolchain sources/toolchain

git clone git:// sources/u-boot sources/u-boot

git clone git:// sources/uclinux sources/uclinux

(build toolchain)

(setting path to toolchain)

cd sources/buildroot

make bf527-ezkit_defconfig



Then I replace the folder sources/buildroot/linux/linux-kernel with a symlink to sources/uclinux since I am not a fan of duplicated code.

Anyways, what happends then you might ask.


Well this

+ diff -u linux/
+ eend 1 ioctlent.h ioctlsort ioctlsort.i ioctls.h ioctldefs.h
+ local lret=1
+ shift
+ '[' 1 -eq 0 ']'
+ echo 'FAIL! (see /home/rikard/github/adi-root/build/buildroot/build/strace-HEAD/strace-4.6/'
FAIL! (see /home/rikard/github/adi-root/build/buildroot/build/strace-HEAD/strace-4.6/


I've also attached the full log, but in principle the two files



differ, and the build does not allow it. Any ideas anyone?


Yours sincerely

Rikard Söderström