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How to obtain ADC dynamic specifications using VisualAnalog

Question asked by mostafanfs on Nov 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by msink

I have a file containing samples from a High Speed ADC sampled at 100MHz. File is in a binary form but I wrote a program to convert it to VisualAnalog txt format so I can load it using Pattern Loader.

I was wondering can I do some dynamic analysis using these samples in VisualAnalog ?

I want to obtain SNR, SINAD, SFDR, THD and parameters like these.

The problem is that the ADC is not a Analog Device's ADC . I'm not sure it's gonna work cause I don’t have ADC's Model File. Does this really matter inside VisualAnalog?

I did managed to load my samples and plot it on a Graph inside VisualAnalog. What is the next step ?