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The difference of AD9523 and AD9523-1

Question asked by Cien_ho on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by Cien_ho

Dear Sir:


           I am using the AD9643 + HSC ADC_EVAL (FPGA). On this AD9643 EVB, it has AD9523-1 chip need to program.

  However, I found in the SPIController for the HSC ADC_EVAL, the .cfg file it provided is for AD9523, not for AD9523-1.

  I have checked the ADI's website, both chips AD9523-1 and AD9523 have some different registers definition. I have downloaded the AD9523-1 SW to generate the register settings; as shown in the attachment. My requirement was also listed in the attachment. Could you help check if the settings are correct? Once these settings are correct, I still need ADC group's help to program AD9523-1 on the AD9643 EVB through FPGA board.


           Thanks for your help!