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FMCOMMS2 ADI IIO Scope Questioins

Question asked by Joho Employee on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2013 by mhennerich

Here some questions & notes/comments regarding the ADI IIO Scope to control the AD9361


Linux related:

1. Linux provides a nice "Screen shot" applicationi from the dash home search for "screen"

Q: Is there a way to store the screenshot on the SDCARD which I can read in a Windows Environment?

Q: How to get out the screenshot to a windows computer?



ADI IIO Scope:


On the left top in the capture window. There are 4 active channels. What is the relation to the hardware?



In_voltage0 in the frequency domain starts from left side of the graph with ofset 0MHz.

in_voltage1 and In_voltage0 shows the spectrum with ofset 0MHz in the middle.

What is the purpose of doing so?



FMComms2 settings Tab:

What is ENSM mode. Allowes to be switched between sleep, alert, fdd ,pinctrl. (default is FDD)

Calibratioin mode: Default: auto. Do others work?



there are 3 tracking modes to checkmark:

Quadrature, RF DC, BB DC

What is the effect of those.

Default: All is checked.



after changing parameters, do I need to press: Save Settings?