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ADV7511 Full Data Sheet

Question asked by on Nov 28, 2013
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Hello,  my name is Meir and I am a DFAE in ADI team at Phoenix Technologies.   

One of my customers is interested in ADV7511 - Industrial version.

They also ordered the EVAL board, P/N: EVAL-ADV7612-7511P.


On a product page is just a short form data sheet found.

I can also find the automotive version of ADV7511W.


1. Please send me the full data sheet of ADV7511 - Industrial version.


2. My customer has an additional question:

They have a source with output digital data that conforms to the ITU-R BT.656, but it's clock does not comply with the

ITU-R BT.656 Standard DCK=27[MHz] output and instead is 28.375000 for PAL output and 28.636363 for NTSC output.

Please Advise if  ADV7511 can work with such inputs.


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