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VisualDSP++ Codes

Question asked by neoplay on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by neoplay

Following some samples codes and here are couple sections from it;



*  global variables and defines


#define LEFT_LINE_IN                                                  0x0000

#define RIGHT_LINE_IN                                                  0x0200

#define LEFT_HEADPHONE_OUT                                0x0400

#define RIGHT_HEADPHONE_OUT                               0x0600

#define ANALOG_AUDIO_PATH_CONTROL                     0x0800

#define DIGITAL_AUDIO_PATH_CONTROL                     0x0a00

#define POWER_DOWN_CONTROL                                         0x0c00

#define DIGITAL_AUDIO_INTERFACE_FORMAT           0x0e00

#define SAMPLING_CONTROL                                         0x1000

#define ACTIVE_CONTROL                                                   0x1200

#define RESET_CONTROL                                                   0x1E00






volatile short sCodecTxRegs[CODEC_REGS_LENGTH] =


          LEFT_LINE_IN                                       | 0x01b,          /* greater than 0db volume */

          RIGHT_LINE_IN                                     | 0x01b,          /* greater than 0db volume */

          LEFT_HEADPHONE_OUT                      | 0x07f,          /* gain */

          RIGHT_HEADPHONE_OUT                    | 0x07f,          /* gain */

          ANALOG_AUDIO_PATH_CONTROL        | 0x010,

          DIGITAL_AUDIO_PATH_CONTROL         | 0x000,

          POWER_DOWN_CONTROL                   | 0x000,


          SAMPLING_CONTROL                                                                 | 0x000,          /* set Normal mode */




I can understand that sCodecTxRegs[] is a array of 9 with elements of two bytes long. however, I am not sure how the contents of this array is written to the Codec registers since it only been used twice later in the code as follow:


if( bMicInLineOut )


                              bMicInLineOut = false;


  /* INSEL = Line Input Select to ADC */

                              sCodecTxRegs[4] &= 0xFFFB;




                              bMicInLineOut = true;


                              /* INSEL = Microphone Input Select to ADC */

                              sCodecTxRegs[4] |= 0x4;



Could someone tell me if sCodecTxRegs[] is a defined function so that the content would be written to the CODEC without any other code?





Thanks in advance