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ADV7611 - I2C Timing problem!!!

Question asked by JoRo1987 on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by JoRo1987

Hey guys,

i'm a german student and developing a Video Converter with the ADV7611 iC. I'm trying to set up the registers via I2C Interface from an AtMEGA-328p. After the reset (0x98,0xFF,0x80) a few register could be setting up (I/O MAP) then the ADV doesn't acknowledge the addresses sending...

Could it be a timing problem? The uC runs at 8Mhz, the I2C at 100kHz there are about 12uS between Stop- and Start Conditions. Sometimes a few register from the HDMI-MAP (0x68) are acknowledged so i would say the ADV accepts the addresses recommended in the datasheet.

Here is a picture from the Logic Analyzer:


ADV_I2C.jpgYou can see Address 0x68 left is acknowledged, right there is no ack bit.
I hope you can help me and I'm sorry for my "non perfect" english