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Optional add-on boards about AD-FMCOMMs1

Question asked by Marchzh on Nov 27, 2013
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    For my application with ad-fmcomms1,  the transmit power and receive gain are not big enough.  When I think of ways to improve the situation, I found the content within the following URL:

    Below is what I interested in :

Optional add-on boards

While the board does have the power (+7dBm) to transmit across the room for learning purposes, if you want to drive things at a higher power level, the transmit path may be followed by an optional off board ADL5605 700 MHz to 1000 MHz, 1 W RF Driver Amplifier, or ADL5606, 1800 MHz to 2700 MHz, 1 W RF Driver Amplifier amplifier to drive the antenna for ISM based communication standards.

To increase receive sensitivity, the receive path may be driven by an optional off board ADL5523, which is a 400 MHz to 4000 MHz Low Noise GaAs pHEMT Amplifier. This provides high gain and low noise figure for single-down conversion IF sampling receiver architectures as well as direct-down conversion receivers.  “

     According to the above content, I can add an evaluation board ADL5606 to get a higher power level,  and add an evaluation board ADL5523 to increase receive sensitivity.

     How and Where can I  get or purchase the two evaluation board ?  Are they supprting the ad-fmcomms1 board?