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Build Blackfin 527 ezkit with video support (u-boot splash screen)

Question asked by Soderstrom on Nov 27, 2013
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After messing with the bootloader yesterday I finally managed to update it to a reasonably recent version.

However I lost the beautiful blackfin logo.


So I started looking around and in include/configs/bf527-ezkit.h i found the define for CONFIG_VIDEO commented out.

Enabling it causes a build error

make bf527-ezkit_config make all ....... u-boot.ldr exceeds file size limit:   limit:      262144 bytes   actual:   273844 bytes   excess: 11700 bytes make: *** [u-boot.ldr] Error 1


So splash screen image has been put into ldr making it exceed its limits.


This leads me to the conclusion, I am doing something wrong..

So what is the proper way of re-enabling the default Blackfin splash screen in u-boot?


Yours sincerely

Rikard Söderström