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Question asked by rgetz Employee on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by rgetz

Someone recently sent me an email:


Last week getting the system (Zed + FMComms2) was quite some success. Everyone I showed things to liked the AD9361, the FMCOMMS2 Board and the software support we provide on the wiki.


Next Monday, early in the morning I do have a remote meeting (phone/web). I am going to do a remote - Demo using Webex. The person I will be talking to would like to see the TDD mode in operation of LT.


Here some questions:

- Can I run the IIO Scope via Ethernet port on my computer screen with a http connection? (it would allow me to use webex and demoing the IIO scope)

- I found the ip address of the Zedboard, but no success to connect it: (port 80, 8080, 21)

- Are we able to demo the TDD mode of the AD9361?


As a sidenote: when I close the IIO scope and like to restart it, (click on the left side IIO scope icon) it does not start. How can I fix that?


I have a few questions about the IIO Scope GUI and the AD9361. Whom I could ask?