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How to use the Wind Noise Suppressor module

Question asked by Jingchang on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by BrettG

Dear sir! Now, I focus on the Wind Noise Suppressor module of SigmaStudio, however, there are few information can be found in the help. Could you give me help regarding the following questions?

Wind noise module.bmpwind noise suppressor.bmp

1Some examples and information about the Wind noise module can be found in the Internet, however, we can not find this module in SigmaStudio V 3.8 and V3.10, why? On the contrary, a wind noise suppressor module can be employed in SigmaStudio, What’s the difference between these two modules?

2There are a low pass filters bank, a detection filters bank and an enable (disable) additional LP detection filter button in the wind noise suppressor module. What’s the relationship between the LP filters bank and the detection filters? In the LP filters bank, the two LP filters are all enabled but what’s the relationship between them? What’s the meaning of all their parameters and how to configure them? Is there a literature illustrate the principle about the wind noise suppressor?

The LP filters bank of wind noise suppressor.bmpThe detection filter of wind noise suppressor module.bmpThe LP detection filter bank button of wind noise module.bmp