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Audio signal (S/PDIF) on EVAL-ADV7619-7511P

Question asked by ggottawa on Nov 25, 2013
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On the evaluation board (EVAL-ADV7619-7511P), I want to confirm that both S/PDIF & I2S (audio) are working.


To me, it looks like the selection of the output audio format is manipulated in ADV7511. 


The following registers of ADV7511 are used for setup:

0x0A - bit "654":      Audio select

0x0B - bit "7"          SPDIF enable

0x0C - bit "5432"    I2S enable


The I2S responded correctly.

While 0x0A - bit "654" are set to "000" to select I2S:

- when 0x0C-bit "2" is 1, an MP3 audio file is played . (for MP3 format, only I2S0 is used. )

- when 0x0C-bit "2" is 0, there was no sound.

That is perfect.


By the way, SPDIF did not respond properly.

While 0x0A - bit "654" are set to "001" to select SPDIF, an MP3 audio file is always played whether 0x0B-bit 7 is 0 or 1.

In other words, an MP3 file is played even when SPDIF is disabled (0x0B-bit 7 is 0).


Does it make sense?

With this observation, I am not even sure if the output audio is actually SPDIF.


Thank you.