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Need help with the power supply for AD7634

Question asked by bmtil on Nov 25, 2013
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I am an student in Germany and I am involved in one data acqusition project using the AD7634 and the ADA4922 driver.

My task is to design the schematic for the data acqusition system using the AD7634 and later to make the layout for the schematic.

I have big problems and trouble designing the front end of this task, simply because I've never done this before and I lack experience.

The biggest problem however is the -12V power supply rail, that I need for the AD7634 and ADA4922, cause we are using the +/-10V inputs.

My question is how do I get my -12V?

My idea was using a 16V power supply for the whole board, and then get my different power rails out of the 16V using DC/DC converters, LDOs and voltage regulators.

So the biggest problem is, how do I get -12V out of 16V? my answer was DC/DC converter, but which one? I found some from Murata or Traco Power, but I am not entirely sure if they would fit for the application, I know the AD7634 is very difficult to implement and the designer should be very cautious with the power supply for this device.

Can somebody point me to detailed reference designs where AD7634 and AD4922 are used, or tell me how an experenced ingeneer would solve this, 'cause like I said, I am totally new to such difficult analog projects.

I would really appreciate any help, this problem is bothering me for good a month and I still can't find a good solution.

Best regards, bmtil