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Building u-boot for a blackfin 527 board using buildroot

Question asked by Soderstrom on Nov 25, 2013
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This is my first post here in these forums so I hope I am posting in the right place.

I am trying to learn some basic steps for building a toolchain, kernel and bootloader for blackfin 527 boards using buildroot.


I believe that I've successfully built the toolchain and kernel, however building u-boot keeps eluding me.

The only thing I feel certain of is that I am doing something wrong.


At first I just enabled u-boot from buildroot's menuconfig, and selected my board (bf527-ezkit), and off course I had selected target cpu as bf527.

Then when this didn't work I changed it to use a custom git repository (in case something had been fixed), the repo I choice is and the master branch of this git repo.


Both of these attempts ended the same way, where it attempts to link a non-fdpic ocject with an fdpic object.


I've attached the end of the build log, the the stamps from buildroot, the buildroot config and for some reason the uboot.board.depends

As I believe these are the files that will be off interest.


For the curios, I have tried things according to the documentation as well (

and still receiving the same error for this particular board.


(I haven't tried any other boards since this is the board that I actually have)


Yours sincerely

Rikard Söderström