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LED Driver for 5-30A

Question asked by on Nov 25, 2013
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My name is Meir and I am a DFAE in ADI team at Phoenix Technologies.


One of my customers is interested in LED driver for 24V/30A for driving 6 LEDs with 5A each of them. The operating (ON) duration is ~1msec and power OFF duration ~49msec. The Driver response and stabilization
time shall not exceed 1uSec. It's possible to use several drivers to achieve 30A.

Chosen Drivers shall be with a minimum I load of 5A.

For now, the ANALOG DEVICES solutions that I can find in Web Site are for a lower currents.


Please advise if they are ADI LED drivers that can meet customer's requirements?

Maybe something is soon to be released in 3-6 month?


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