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ADV7511 vertical line issue in the screen edge

Question asked by benwang on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by GuenterL



My customer is using ADV7511 as HDMI Tx, the input is 24-bit RGB 720x480p, the receiver is LCD panel with HDMI Rx (ADV7611 inside), the pictue can be displayed correctly in screen but there is a green vertical line in the left edge of the screen. the screen captured is as attached, the vertical line is highligted in red box. The LCD panel is verified OK by using other HDMI source.


I'd like to know what is the reason for this issue, and whether or not possible for ADV7511 to solve this issue?


Another issue is that during blanking period of ADV7511 output, the screen will be displayed as red color, my question is what is the reason for red color during blanking period, is it possible for ADV7511 to change it to black color?


Thank you & best regards