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ADAU1452 debugging problem in sigmatudio

Question asked by alber. on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by BrettG


  1, I want use external Key or adjustable potentiometer via Gpio to control some function. But loss Module(Gpio conditionning) of treetoolbox in    sigmastudio.

  2. Digital SPDIF: Input digital SPDIF TX,Only set option copy form SPDIF receiver(Red)  ability have ouput in digital signal. see attached chart.

  3. SPDIF input  unable control form volume controls  and other.

  4. No SPDIF output  form anlog signal at sigmadsp channels 0--1 or 16--17.


Please help to slove these problem for ADAU1452. Thank a lot.