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Adv7623 HDCP encryption problem

Question asked by jimmy.dou on Nov 24, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2013 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

1).a TV program a bad HDCP Key,the Key error only 1 byte,test ADV7623 HDCP encryption HDMI output with TV,some ADV7623 can be encrypted,without any error interrupt flag,this is wrong,because TV is a bad HDCP Key,Other ADV7623 cannot be encrypted,and check out the error(Ri mismatch).

same HDCP Key(a bad HDCP Key), the result is not the same as two of the same platform,what is the problem.


The encryption process:

To enable encryption on the HDMI TX:

1. 0xAF[7] = 1

2. 0x97[7:6] = 11 ; Clear the HDMI TX interrupts

3. Read 0x97[7:6] ; If not 00, then repeat step 2



2).We use the ADV7623 OSD and encryption

Step 1:A channel HDMI input,HDIM input is not encrypted.

Step 2:superposition character.

Step 3and then a channel HDMI encryption output.


TX HDCP Controller should use repeater/One sink and no upstreams/Multiple sink and no upstreams which One?



3).TX sending end ASKV placed? Each 2s need to update? How to update?