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Roadmap for Sensors - ADXL362 is good, but does the roadmap include a low power gyro and higher frequency accelerometer?

Question asked by AJZ on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by venkat

With respect to Gyros

  1. Is there a physical reason why there are no ultra low power gyros available? (ADXL362 accel is beautiful at 2-6 uA)
  2. Are low power gyros on the near term roadmap (in the uA range)?


With respect to the ADXL362

  1. When (if) will a version be available with bandwidth up to ~1-2 kHz?


Combined accelerometer/gyro

  1. Is a combined low power accel/gyro on the road map? (uA range)


My main requirement is low power. Next, improved bandwidth, a deep FIFO and small size.  Ideal solution is one package with a gyro and accel that meets all aforementioned requirements.