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[ADAU1446] Software safeload/compressor limiter

Question asked by Ramon on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2013 by Ramon

Dear Guru's,


Currently I'm using biquads in my design which are dynamically adjustable using the microcontroller, which is connected to the dsp using an SPI. As the adjustments taking place with speakers attached, I would like to use the software safeload function to prevent clipping/distortion. The datasheet has 5 parameters reserved for this, Address 0x0001 to Address 0x0005, and 0x0006 is the target address, while 0x7 being the target size.


My questions are:


How can I actually use the safeload, after putting the appropriate data to these adresses?

Is there any difference doing so in between using a I2C or SPI interface?

What about the compressor limiter; The module I use needs 33 times 4 bytes, in sigma studio a safeload is used. If I send regularly the data is modified in the dsp when I try to receive it again.