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ADAU1446 - interface read/write register and I2C address

Question asked by andrea.labhf on Jun 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2010 by JeradL

Hi all,

   I'm working with an ADAU1446.

I use the DSP in selfboot mode, but there is a microcontroller appended on I2C line that have to comunicate with DSP.


In past I've worked on top of a similar application with ADAU1701.'ve used interface read/write registers.

In ADAU1701 these register have a fixed I2C address that is specified in the datasheet of the device.

So you can compile-recompile-upsidedown DSP SigmaStudio project and your Interface registers stay locked.


Otherwise, in ADAU1446, there isn't an address space reserved for Interface register so SigmaStudio assign a dynamic address to Interfaces every time you compile a project.

This is a problem beacause I've to update the Interface register Address in my Microcontroller Application every time that I modify the SigmaStudio file.

This is very restrictive and easily lead to error.


Is there a way to lock the I2C Address assigned to a block in SigmaStudio?


How can I workaround this issue?