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ADAU1761: Ground connection of earphone and microphone

Question asked by JoaJun-Kim on Nov 20, 2013
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We are developing and manufacturing sound amplifier using ADAU1761.

We finished all designs and tests, then just start mass production.

There is a key problem at this time.


Our device has one microphone input + two earphone(stereo).

Microphone needs two lines(input(In+bias) & ground)

Earphone needs three lines(right & left & monoout pin)

Therefore, it needs 5 lines for earphone with microphone.


But it is not easy to find 5 pole phone jack and plug. (only order-base production, and no ready-made parts)

We tried to connect the microphone bias - earphone monoout, ground etc.

But the result was heavy noise, not satisfactory.


My question is "Are there any method which can use one microphone and two earphone(stereo) with 4 lines?"


Please, give me some advices for me.


Thanks very much.