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ADSP 21065L SDRAM Controller problem

Question asked by Clementina on Jun 16, 2010
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I have this unworking scenario on my board with a adsp as in object. In few words the instructions are abnormally modified when placed in external sdram segment.


I attached two files in which you can see, in mixed mode, how the code is disassembled.


In "int_mem.txt" file the cut/pasted code is ok and I can read/write in the external sdram while in "ext_mem.txt" one the code has been placed in pm external memory but it doesn't work properly !


Assuming that the board has been correctly designed, how can I test the DSP to be sure that I have to replace it ?







seg_pmco { TYPE(PM RAM) START(0x00008200) END(0x000097ff) WIDTH(48) }

pm_sdram { TYPE(PM RAM) START(0x20000) END(0x2fffe) WIDTH(32)  }


// SDRAM Controller Register

ustat1 = 0xA87298FF;

DM(IOCTL) = ustat1;


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