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ADAS3022 overvoltage protection, AA Filter, settling spec

Question asked by tonyMC on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Ryan_Curran

I have a few questions with regard to the ADAS3022 device.


1. I would like to add over-voltage protection resistor to each multiplexer input. In order to determine the resistor power dissipation can you provide the 

    maximum continuous current the multiplexer can tolerate ?


2. If I use the ADAS3022 device at a lower throughput of 100ksps, is it possible to modify the 8Mhz bandwidth of the device for different anti-alias

    response and possibly improved noise performance ? Can a single anti-alias filter be added to the AUX input pins to achieve this ?


3. If the AUX pins are not used should they be left floating ?


4. Can this device settle a full-scale step input to 16-bit accuracy within a single conversion for each of the input voltage ranges ?