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Drive Strength setting and IBIS model of ADV7181D.

Question asked by Tamu on Nov 20, 2013
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I have a question about Drive Strength setting and IBIS model of ADV7181D.


We refer the IBIS model of ADV7181C because the following thread says to refer ADV7181C's IBIS model for ADV7181D.


The IBIS model seems to have two patterns of drive strength setting as follows:
Please refer attached IBIS file around line 185.
[Model Selector] dig_io
| Normal digital pads
digital_io_0     Pad with drive strength at 0
digital_io_1     Pad with drive strength at 1


But on the HW manual, there is a description of four patterns of drive strength as follows:
Please refer HW manual page 32.

5.3.4 Drive Strength Selection (Data)
DR_STR[1:0] Address 0xF4, [5:4]

DR_STR[1:0] Description
00 Reserved
01 Medium low drive strength (2X) for LLC1 up to 54 MHz
10 Medium high drive strength (3X) for LLC1 from 54 MHz to 110 MHz
11 High drive strength (4X)


It is not same about drive strength between the IBIS and the HW manual.
Which register should we set for the IBIS model's drive strength?


Thank you!
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