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AD2S1205/AD2S1210 Common-Mode Voltage

Question asked by benwang on Nov 19, 2013
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As of AD2S1205, the datasheet features norminal 1.25V offset on SIN/COS pins, but in my customer application, they have 2.5V offset on SIN/COS pins by using external buffer, and looks it is workable for long time withou fault.


My question is that it is really correct for 1.25V+/-100mV offset on SIN/COS pins as AD2S1205 datasheet? and if it is 2.5V offset on SIN/COS pins, what will happen over long time?


On AD2S1210 datasheet, the spec of 1.25V nonimal offset on SIN/COS pins has been deleted, does it means AD2S1210 SIN/COS input signal common mode voltage could be varing flexibly?


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