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ADE7816, saveral questions

Question asked by usaghi on Nov 21, 2013
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We have saveral questions on ADE7816 which will soon be starting to design trial board for multi-channel measurement.

Previously we are using ADE7868 and know ADE7816 is slightly different from ADE7868.

Your answers, comments or advices are very much appreciated.


1) We found the handling of exposed pad is different between ADE7868 and ADE7816.

ADE7868 is instructed that it has to connect to AGND and DGND.

However ADE7816, it is instructed do not connect to AGND.

Could you please explain what is background of this change, even though briefly ? 


2) If you have errata/anomary information of ADE7816, could please provide ?


3) Three input of ADE7816, A,B and C is having independent IxN, but other D,E and F is having common IN.

          Could you please explain the merit when the device has both type of them ?

          Or could please instruct any criteria which port has to be chosen ? 


4) When producing to final product, input ports has to be exposured to outside. Do we need ESD measures at input pins, in preparation for the case inputs are not connected(open) or the case which is touched by human body ? 


5) By looking at UG-370, there is a schematic of eva-board, but it seems to be lower resolutions and hard to read. Could you please send the one more clear ?


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