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Help with ADE7880 dev  board

Question asked by BruceR on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by BruceR

I need help getting my ADE7880 Devboard to work. I am applying signals for phase A only to start: Board terminals VAP see  120V rms from the line and terminals IAN & P see 87 mv rms from a CT monitoring the dummy load. The VN terminal is grounded on the board. I've checked all the board jumpers and believe them to be correct per the manual. The CT load resistors R1 & R2 are 50 ohms ea.


All I'm trying to do is read an uncalibrated reasonable number for the Phase A voltage and current to show that things are working. In PSM0 mode I run the RMS Current panel. I click "Start the DSP" and nothing happens.I chick the "Read the RMS Registers" and after a delay I get the "No Zxxx interrupts" error. Sounds like there's not enough signal. I click the "Read Setup" button to check the PGA gains, but nothing happens.

I click exit to check the PGA gains from another window but nothing happens. Everything is locked up.


I kill & restart the app. Again in PSM0 mode. This time I go first to the AllRegisters Access Panel to check & set the PGA gains, but I don't see the PGA values there. I close that and go to the quick start panel where I put in Nom voltage = 120, 1.5 amps, set the voltage & current PGAs to 4 , set 60 hz clicked update registers, then clicked "begin computations". and after a delay got an error saying inputs were too large. I went back and set the PGA gains to 1 and the same thing happened.


Would someone please help in form of some explicit instructions just to get this simple setup to work?