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Booting from external Flash: BF 531

Question asked by Sadhana on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2010 by JoeT

I'm working on BF531 custom board. I'm stuck while trying to boot my device from external Flash. I tried simple code for toggling port pin and it worked. But when I want to boot my target application which also has some mapping on external SDRAM it does not work.


I've read and re-read all the application notes from ADI on this, and still unable to help myself with it.


Below are some details of my workign environment:


- VDSP++ version


- custom BF-531 (rev 0.6) board, with external FLASH and SDRAM


Following are the steps that I'm carrying out:


  1. Create .dxe of my target application in “release” mode
  2. Use Init Code having proper SDRAM register settings as done in XML file, to generate LDR file to be programmed in flash

>"C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\elfloader.exe" -b FLASH -f HEX -Width 16 -init .\Release\Init_code.dxe -o .\release\FLASH_Program.ldr -proc ADSP-BF531  .\Release\target_app.dxe

  1. Use flash driver to load program in to flash

Flash driver Information:

Name: ADSP-BF538F EZ-KIT Lite driver

Company: Spansion

Part Description: S29AL008D(512 x 16)

Device Code: 0xda

  1. Disconnect USB_ICE and power cycle board with correct BMODE settings, to check if the application is running



Points to note:

  1. target_app.dxe when run from emulator works file.
  2. I have tested flash programming successfully for smaller applications where I have toggled pin when the code was mapped to external SDRAM as well.
  3. I am working with BMODE = Boot_From_Flash


I suspect that there is something that I'm missing while linking target application with Init_Code as the code size while generating LDR file.


Any input in this regard?


I saw many others facing the same problem while working with BF53x devices, however I didnt not get answer to my problem in any of the replies who have already posted questions before.