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About H and V  signal  when BT656 input  to ADV7393

Question asked by daisu on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by daisu

Hello all,

Our customer uses ADV7393 at input of BT656 and output of NTSC.

Register 0x30 is default setting.

0X30[2] = 0 
  0:External HSYNC, VSYNC and field inputs 
  1:Embedded EAV/SAV codes

ADV7393 output video signal (NTSC) correctively when H and V input signal  is not connected.


  1.  Does ADV7393 determine Timing of H and V from input of BT656  when H and V signal is not connected and 0x30[2]= 0?
  2. If we need any other settings, please let me know your advice.

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