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SPI Flash Boot from EZ-Kit Lite 21489 ADSP

Question asked by awpitt13 on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by CraigG

Hello, I'm trying to program the SPI flash on my Ez Kit Lite with my program so that when the device powers on my program will be on it.  Right now I'm running CCES and only running in debug mode.  After getting into the documentation, it seems that the only way I can program the flash is to use cldp.exe but I have not been successful.  Am I approaching this problem the correct way or is there another way to do this? 


The command I'm sending using cldp is


-proc ADSP-21489

-emu KIT

-driver 21489_m25p16_dpia.dxe

-cmd prog

-erase affected

-offset 0

-format hex

-file main.dxe


Any advice you can offer is much appreciated.