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Question asked by on Nov 18, 2013
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I am new there is this forum. My name is juergen and I live in Aschaffenburg / Germany. I post in this forum, because the AD DSP support has not enough time to handle my formal support request :-( .


I am looking for a DSP for digitale audio processing with DSP (development of active two way Studio Monitors) and I am not shure which DSP platform form AD to choose (SigmaDSP vs. SHARK). A first check of the AD DSP's lead me to the SigmaDSP 1701. My basic requirements are:


a) Phase 1: digital filters (high pass, low pass IIR / FIR) for the two way studio monitor (Input SPDIF and analog / Output analog to the two Class-D Amps from Hypex)

b) Phase 2: active feedback control from the woofer with digital closed loop control


Therefore I need a valid and complete bill of material:


a) An Evaluation Board (e.g. UG-072?) with power supply?

b) An Evaluation DSP Card with 1701 ?

c) Development Software (SigmaDSP Studio)?


I not shure if the 1701 is able to handle Phase 2 (speed, memory size, ...) and I hope to get some recommandations from this forum ...


Thanks in advance - Juergen