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Driving AD7663(16 bit ADC) using AD8421(Instrumentation Amp)

Question asked by jebaspaul on Nov 18, 2013
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I am designing a 16 bit 24 channel DAS. The input is differential +/-10V. AD8421 is used to remove the common mode signal. The output of AD8421 is single ended Bipolar +/-10V. Signal at the input of IA is varied at 50Khz. The input is DC which varies from +/-10V across channels. So effectively the worst case load is a 50Khz square wave with 20V p-p.

My intention is to use the instrumentation amplifier AD8421 as a driver for ADC.So, that I can avoid an additional driver in the signal line.  The datasheet of AD7663 suggest to use a RF filter with R(=15ohm) and C(=2.7nF) in between driver and ADC.


Can I use AD8421 to drive AD7663 with & without the above mentioned RF filter.

Please give your suggestions.