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UDS Downscaler Example

Question asked by DestinyR on Nov 18, 2013
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I want to refine the format of the source image "cameraman.raw".

In README it is described as "

To view .raw images, one of the applications that can be used is IrfanView a freeware application for Microsoft Windows. For the cameraman.raw image, set the Image Width and theImage Height options when opening the image to 512, and set the BitsPerPixel(BPP) option to 8 BPP


But for these settings I get the wrong result


For other settings I get most acceptable but stil incomplete resutls.

10bpp, Not normalized, vertical flip:


16bpp, 5:5:5:



What settings of IrfanView I must use for view image or what other tool I can use for this purpose?