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AD5622 Linux drivers

Question asked by HankZ on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by mdelong20

I have a single board computer that I am designing that has your nano-DAC P/N

AD5622.  I am building Linux with the help your your wiki guide.  I found this page/driver


which seems to support my part.  I included this in the Kernel build (I can see

it under /sys/bus/iio/drivers) so I know its here.  The issue is when the device boots, it doesn't find the  device. 

I get an error:ad5446: probe of 0-000f failed with error -22 (The device is set to address 0x0F).

I can interface to the device using the normal i2c built in commands (i2cget/i2cset).

I can set the voltage to half range using the command:

i2cset 0 0x0F 0x07 0xFc I can verify the change and value with a scope.

So based on that, I think its working ok at least in the physical connection.

I am using this entry in my device tree:

/* Analog Devices AD5622 DAC */

dac: hv-control@0F {compatible = "adi,ad5622";reg = < 0x0F >;};This entry is under my main i2c driver entry.  I also have 4 other sensors defined in this region that work.Is there some issue there?  Can you suggest a better device tree entry.